But which princess?

Pompous finger rings in gold-plated silver and nylon stocking. An update of the classic princess ring. 

Inspired by the Danish historical crown jewels, I have interpreted these pompous necklaces in a more modern and fragile everyday material.

With my interest in organic structures and man-made constructions, I have in 1 mm. silver wire built these finger rings that direct my thoughts to tower domes, vaults, and flower-like seed pods.
The nylon mesh adds a color and a tactile expression, while emphasizing the spaciousness of the domes and the shapes of the structures.

Just as the historic crown jewels are pompous, flashy and glamorous, these rings also show elgangce and exclusivity. not gold and precious stones, but an unconventional piece of jewelry, fragile everyday material, like nylon stockings. perhaps it also opens up for questions such as what is exclusive, by whom and in what company should this jewelry be worn.